Sierra Monarch Rescue


Donate to help build out the flyway! 

Your donations are tax deductible EIN 83-2671897
To Donate things: Text 530 - 350 - 9191 to leave a message on google voice or use our contact form.

We needs all kinds of things...

  • Gardening gear: Shovels, wheel barrows, plant flats, pots, trowels
  • Vehicles: Trucks and Vans that run (preferably)
  • Native Plants, Seeds, Seedlings: Cedar Seedlings, Elderberry, Miner's Lettuce, Yarrow, California Fuscia, Soap Root, Red bud, Milkweeds (Showy, Narrow Leaf, Heart Leaf, Wooly), Deer Grass and more. Call us to harvest to save your plants before weed-eating.
  • Pop-ups, tables, chairs, Tents, yurts, pipe carports, 
  • Chicken wire to make gopher cages, hardware cloth
  • Soil from cannabis grows, hoop houses, green houses, materials to make raised beds.

  • Computers, laptops, phones

  • Money is always welcome! (use the yellow Love Offering button)

Joanna Bean, Program Coordinator

Lisa Perdichizzi, Executive Director, Wopumnes 501c3